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“Amy is incredibly understanding, highly qualified and experienced. She really listens to your concerns and history, giving relevant medical information and advice that is personal to you.

When I contacted Amy, I was very underweight and struggling with IBS. Amy saw me immediately and was able to make a diet plan straight away. When I brought loved ones along to the appointments for support, she welcomed and included them. We were all so impressed at how Amy was able to debunk the myths and misinformation about food and nutrition that I had been fed.

She offered me correct information and diet plan that has helped me regain my health and life back. Amy has offered and has been continuing to offer her support throughout my journey offering comprehensive written reports of my progress and goals”.

Jeanette Farmilo

Thank you for all your help and support! I have reached every goal with successful results.

A Kingh

  • Thank you so much for your valuable consultation. I really appreciate the detailed professional guidance you gave me.

  • Thank you Amy. Would definitely recommend you to others.

  • Thank you for helping me through my first marathon with great results.

  • Thank you for the professionalism, love and care you showed when looking after her… It was a great comfort to us all

  • I’m so glad to hear that my client is doing so well.

  • Thank you Amy for all your contribution, I’m so glad I contacted you.

From Case Managers

(Reputable Australasian Insurance Companies)

  • I have received many positive feedbacks from the clients – Thank you!

  • The information you were presenting is so valuable to the community, I’m sure they are getting a lot out of it.

Feedback from the Health Promotion Managers following Nutrition education talks

(Reputable Australasian Insurance Companies)

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